Mulch Installation Services in Brunswick, Saint Simons, and Sea Island

Mulch prevents soil erosion. In our area of Georgia, we often get a lot of rain. When that water runs down sloped areas of our properties, it can erode away the soil from landscape beds. A proper layer of mulch helps to prevent that from happening.

Ground cover stops moisture from evaporating. During the summers, it gets hot quickly and the sun beats down on planting beds. Without proper ground cover, the sun may end up evaporating away much-needed moisture before the plants can absorb it.

Throughout the Glynn County area, there are several different types of popular mulches. The landscape crews at Chan’s Pine Straw can install most types of mulches depending on customer preferences, but most often we get requests for:

  • Dyed hardwood mulch that is red, black, or brown
  • Playground mulch
  • Pine bark
  • Shredded pine bark

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